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Here is what I believe:


Every animal deserves a loving home. Pets aren't property, they are family and they are a lifetime committment. 


No animal should have to die because the persons responsible for them decided that responsibilty was too difficult.


I have had years of experience living in a community where animals were dumped on a regular basis. After saving many a stray dog from starvation or death in my orchard, I was profoundly changed. I am constantly in awe of how dedicated rescue volunteers and workers are to the cause of saving every animal life. It takes a village to make it happen and I try and do my small part by showcasing the bright, fuzzy side of animals waiting to be adopted. 


Falling in love can start with a photo.


The trauma of becoming homeless can have a drastic affect on the outward appearance of an animal. I truly feel that I can use my skills as an animal lover and photographer to help people see on the outside the beautiful soul that lies beneath, and help turn that animal from a rescue back into a family pet


I have done a large amount of work with the Cat House on the Kings, photographing their adoptable cats, kittens, and puppies. You can still my work regularly on their Facebook page. I have also done some work with the Friends of Orange Cove, a group of volunteers who manage the Orange Cove, CA animal shelter. 


You will see some of the adoptables alongside family pets (where they belong right?), here in my portfolio, and some additional work in this recent feature on Bored Panda. 


If you are a rescue and are interested in my services please don't hesistate to contact me.


Helping is as easy as 1-2-click. You can donate to the Cat House on the Kings here.



I am also currently an Artist Member of an organization of artists/photographers dedicated to using their skills to help rescue animals

find homes.

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