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...and this is my pack. I love them so much and put them in front of my camera often. My family is my life so they inspire me. My ridgeback Kaya was even the inspiration for this post I did for Bored Panda.

This is a rare moment where you will see me in front of a camera and not behind it. Thanks to Katrina Marie Photography for making me look more glamorous than my normal scruffy jeans and tshirt attire.


What you'll want to know about me:


I'm a pretty goofy, laid back person, so don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. Got a fun, creative idea for a photo session? Let's make it happen.


When I am not busy taking pictures, you can find me snuggled up with my little girl, my three dogs and three cats (aka Team Knucklehead), blogging about my dogs, enjoying my husband's amazing cooking, dreaming about traveling to Scotland, or reading a book outdoors in the beautiful shade of the pnw forest.


In my past life I was a photographer at the biggest no-kill cat sanctuary in California - The Cat House on the Kings (you'll see many of their beautiful adoptables here on my site, including my CHOTK kitty Tyke).


HELLO if you found your way here thanks to something CHTOK!


As for my food photography, it has become my passion. I sort of fell into the art several years ago and haven't looked back. If you've got a food project or business that needs scrumptious pictures please feel free to drop me a line! I live in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest city of Port Orchard, Washington ( just an hour across the water from Seattle).

I'm a bit of a homebody, but still happy to travel for an awesome project!




Hey! I'm Jess

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